Saturday, April 16, 2016

Whoops! My bad... also, NPP is 10 years old...

Heh... I finally figured out how to ban users on the Disqus comments section, ha ha ha ha. That took me awhile...

Also, sorry there has been no updates lately... I've been super busy with other paying jobs, but I will be getting back to this soon though, please be a bit more patient, I'll be backdating for a weeeeee bit just to make it to February 7th which actually was NPP's 10th anniversary. I know, it's lame that I didn't do anything for the site on the actual date itself, I tried to but things just snowballed and I got really busy and stuff... still, next update and a few after that will be backdated until we get to February 7th and then I'll skip the story all the way to whatever the current date would be by that time.

Also, once we get to the February 7th date, I'll probably start planning and arranging for the 3rd NPP volume to come out.

Thanks for being patient with me and thanks for sticking around ^^ Hope y'all have a good time.


  1. No updates in a while -- is everything okay?

  2. I rushed through NPP stripes this last weekend and I loved every part of it. It shows funny and geeky-dramatic stories and a lot of references to this nerd world (which II'm part of), I don't usually follow webcomics, but I'll be following this one from now on, okay? Keep up the great work!!

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