Monday, July 1, 2013

Thank you for your support!!

(copy and paste from the NPP Facebook page) I was away when the Kickstarter ended but now I wanna say thank you soooooo very much to those that backed the comic up, I really really appreciate the support, you guys are the best! I'll probably draw something up as soon as I get the time just for the backers ^^ Thank you so much.

Final hours of the Kickstarter left!

If you want a copy of Vol.2 (and there's also a reward to get a copy of Vol.1 as well), pledge for it! Volume 2 also includes a story I did back in 2009 of Jess' trip to San Diego Comic Expocon NOT AVAILABLE ON THIS WEBSITE!! Yes, that story is only in Volume 2!!

The comic was done for an anthology called Yon Gumix MEOW sold exclusive in SDCC back in 2009 (and in some Malaysian conventions so I guess it's only exclusive to SDCC in the US) but now I'm making it available on Volume 2 for my NPP readers, so, yeah, get Volume 2 if you wanna read the story.

There's also Kickstarter exclusive stuff like the "Everybody knows your name" Poster and the "Seasonal postcard" Calendar done for the Kickstarter. The first stretch goal was met so there will also be a Kickstarter backer exclusive No Pink Ponies desktop  wallpaper. That's right, only for the Kickstarter backers. So yeah, last few hours left, back up the Kickstarter to get all these cool stuff.