Saturday, August 16, 2014

Feels like the old days.

Ahhh, one thing that I forgot when your comic is not backdated or is supposed to be back on actual schedule is people complaining about my comic not updating, despite the fact that the comic is free. I guess the couple of minutes it takes to check if the comic is updated or not would be time wasted and frustrating enough for complaints (and calling false advertising and everything).

Now, lately, yes, I haven't updated because I've been busy finishing up Sandra on the Rocks vol.1 for Pixietrix. This is another online comic I'm involved with that's written by Dave Lumsdon. Finishing up stuff for volume 1 took up a lot more of my free time than I thought, so I had to put my non-paying stuff on the side. The thing about No Pink Ponies is that it's a passion project. The 8 years I've been drawing this comic on and off is totally done as a side project while I have a day job and other paying jobs. Sandra on the Rocks and even Marry Me (though this one is not updating for now too but that's cos the Crosbies are going through some family health issues currently so I don't wanna push them for scripts) are paying jobs. So when I get the scripts from the people who hired me to draw those comics, I put them on priority. I also have a day job where I am an animation director and animation in general takes up A LOT of my time. This day job takes absolute priority over everything else.

No Pink Ponies, sadly, does not get enough from the ad revenues on a monthly basis for me to drop everything else and concentrate on drawing this. Yes, I wish I can follow the update schedule to a T, but sadly, I can't when hectic times come upon me forcing me to not be able to do anything else other than my paying jobs. My schedule is crazy enough as it is, I sleep maybe 3-4 hours a day if I'm lucky, to take out another 2-3 hours out of this to make a No Pink Ponies comic strip? That's kinda hard. Plus, when I get home from the office, I get super exhausted, most of the time I have no more energy to do anything else. I'll try my best when I find the time, but this does not happen a lot.

Now, you say, "Why not just mention you update occasionally, that way I won't be fooled by false advertising", why yes... yes I can do this... but I choose not to because is it false advertising? I guess it kinda is except that when I do update, it will be Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sundays. So, I figure, just leave it as it is and when I update, it will be at those days, occasional or not.

Actually, I'm really glad that the lack of updates frustrates you, cos that means you like the comic enough to get frustrated by it missing it's updates. I'm also sorry that it frustrates you cos truth be told, I would love nothing more than to just draw No Pink Ponies every day and nothing else. But this won't pay my bills, I know, I've tried it. No Pink Ponies just don't garner enough views on a daily, weekly or monthly basis for me to make money out of it. I wish this wasn't the case, I wish that if I were to update more regularly more people will come, but I did, at one time, updated everyday for a little more than a month back in 2012 (this was back during my, apparently "BS" backdating phase) but it didn't happen. My views are still the same, I didn't make enough money that month and I had to scrounge around and look for other jobs to pay my bills. It's the sad truth, No Pink Ponies is just not that well known to make good money for me.

I plan to put a Patreon link here soon when I'm more stable on my feet and can meet the Patreon goals, but til then, all I ask is that you be patient and wait it out with me as best as you can.

Just think of it like this, the comic is free, you literally do not pay anything to read it right now. When I can, I will update it.